Which DSLR Camera Brand Is Best In India 2024

The DSLR camera market is said to witness a CAGR of more than 5.6% in 2020-2026. And the global rate of said to decline over the forecast period. The DSLR segment is said to have witnessed a downfall in sales in the last decade. According to Statista, the segment is expected to show a growth of more than 6% in 2023 and a total of around 2.38 million units were shipped all over the world

Best DSLR Camera Brand In India

India is said to be in 4th place with a revenue of over 1,190 million dollars. These DSLRs are used to record images either as a part of images like a video or as a still image. They use electronic sensors or photographic film to capture electromagnetic spectrum or visible light. The first DSLR camera was invented in 1975 by Steven Sasson, an American inventor who worked for Kodak. It was built with various camera parts and weighed more than 3.5 kg.

DSLRs are used among professional photographers in various genres like travel, wildlife, and wedding photography. It is also used by the press people. While mirrorless cameras are considered the future of digital cameras, DSLRs are here to stay and most brands offer excellent image quality, rugged bodies, and long battery life. The DSLR segment in India is more than 250,000 units and grows more than 10% every year.

List Of 6 Best DSLR Camera Brand In IndiaList Of Best DSLR Camera Brand In India

1. Fujifilm DSLR Camera Brand

Fujifilm DSLR Camera Brand

Founded in 1983 the brand is one of the top manufacturers of photographic film. They are known for their APS-C mirrorless camera and are considered the first largest player in the DSLR industry. The brand offers an extensive list of compacts with tons of choices from budget to high-end models. 

The brand is said to hold a revenue share of 23% percent. Unlike other brands that focus heavily on profitability and technical expertise, the brand is popular for its unusual products and unique methods of handling the business. They care extra about the aesthetics of their products, creating strong designs that have that retro touch and come with mechanical dials to give that old-time look.  

Not to forget that their cameras have high-quality sensors and the brand launched firmware updates regularly. Their APS-C models and their X-T3 are super affordable and come with a high-quality crop-sensor body and their medium format camera with a 100 MP GFX 100.

What I love the most about the brand is that you can use the same lens range for both the pro and the entry-level cameras, as you can gradually upgrade the lens range when needed. 

Why should you Choose Fujifilm DSLR cameras?

  • High-quality lens
  • SOOC quality (Straight Out Of Camera)
  • Excellent image quality
  • Superior build quality and a rich feature set
  • Comes with changeable ISO and shutter speed
  • A remote app that helps in upgrading the firmware from your smartphone 

2. Canon DSLR Camera Brand

Canon DSLR Camera Brand

Canon Inc. is a world leader in imaging technologies; it began in 1997 and offers a wide range of sophisticated digital imaging products and solutions in India. It’s a Japanese brand and its headquarters is located in Ota, Japan. The band made their first camera in the year 1934 and it was a 35mm focal – plane–shutter camera named Kwanon.

The brand is said to share a 51.9% market share in India. They make products that are well–built and come with high resolution which produces grain-free images even in minimal light areas. The brand has updated recently that will be focusing more on mirrorless DSLR rather than flagship DSLR cameras.

They unveiled their 1DX Mark III in Jan 2021 at was priced at Rs 4,84,789 and it is one of the most desired cameras for professional photographers. Canon camera supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and NFC. These also include manual control is excellent for recording high-quality and precise videos. 

Why you should Choose Canon DSLR cameras?

  • Comes with an excellent range of ISO
  • Offers 7 clicks in a second
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Wireless connectivity with smartphone and cloud storage
  • If you want to film vertical videos in 4k for social media. 

3. Nikon DSLR Camera Brand

Nikon DSLR Camera Brand

Nikon Corp was founded in 1917 and was called Nippon Kogaky Tokyo K.K. Over the 60 years, the brand became a manufacturer of optical lenses. The company was later expanded to 19 factories and more than 20,000 employees during WW II. The brand is said to hold a 44.8% market share in the DSLR segment and the brand aims to make advanced technological power and R&D activities.

Their core technology is in areas like optics, image processing, and others. They are known for more powerful camera models that feature fine-tuned images as per the user’s taste. The brand also makes a mirrorless camera and comes with both cropped sensors and full-frame cameras.

The brand also makes lenses for every budget and every requirement. If you are in search of a popular brand in India and a reliable one then look no further than Nikon. These cameras are made to follow familiar user experiences and aesthetics that have not changed a lot over the years. 

Why you should Choose Nikon DSLR cameras?

  • Compatible with AF-D lenses
  • Great value and excellent image quality
  • Comes with a better autofocus system
  • Includes a tilt-flip touchscreen
  • Comes with an advanced control system and built-quality

4. Sony DSLR Camera Brand

Sony DSLR Camera Brand

The brand is known for manufacturing all sorts of high-tech devices from stereos to PlayStations. Also, they have many exceptional DSLRs and are considered one of the top brands available In India. The brand was originally called Tokyo Tsishin Kogyo and was launched in 1946. The brand offers digital cameras aimed at all level photographers from newbie to intermediate and advanced.

The brand offers DSLR Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras, Advanced Fixed Lens cameras, and Consumer cameras. The DSLR segments from the brand work with interchangeable lenses and are suitable for beginners to advanced beginners. The brand says in a recent PR that they are aiming more for a mirrorless camera and they are not going to make a lot of DSLRs anymore.

Sony is said to hold a market share of 22% in the DSLR segment and these cameras are suitable for professional photographers as they have high-quality sensors. Sony’s mirrorless lens cameras are smaller and thinner than DSLRs. They offer high-quality images and plenty of advanced features. 

Why you should Choose a Sony DSLR camera?

  • Has CMOS sensor
  • Comes with effective pixels
  • Comes with Wi-Fi enabled
  • Has 2 year’s warranty
  • If you are looking for a 4K UHD DSLR camera

5. Panasonic DSLR Camera Brand

Panasonic DSLR Camera Brand

Like other brands, Panasonic also manufactures a wide range of consumer and commercial-grade electronics. The brand was started in the 2nd decade of the 1990s in Japan and they also make great digital and cinema-quality DSLRs. Their DSLRs come with a complete range of full-frame cameras and cropped sensor digital cameras under the name of Lumix.

Also, the brand is the manufacturer of top-notch lenses for their brand for Leica Camera market which is said to be the most expensive camera available. Some of the brand’s cameras have been awarded for their outstanding video performance.

Panasonic cameras have effective pixels and they are the first to use the Micro Four Thirds system standard that enormously lessens the camera size and weight. The brand is said to hold 20% of the market share in the DSLR segment. So if you are looking for an affordable DSLR for a hobby or just a beginner, then I would recommend you to try the Panasonic Lumix range before opting for the high-end ones.

Why you should Choose a Panasonic DSLR camera?

  • Face detection autofocus capacity
  • The slim and elegant body design
  • Auto power technology
  • ISO and internal supersonic wave filtration 

6. Olympus DSLR Camera Brand

Olympus DSLR Camera Brand

Olympus Corp, founded in 1919 is a Japanese manufacturer and is said to hold around 70% of the global endoscope market which is estimated at more than 2.5 million dollars. The brand has developed high-quality digital and film cameras for quite a long time. Their PEN and OMD range are said to have a retro design and their OMD camera bodies resemble a traditional DSLR.

Olympus DSLRs are quite famous for their compact size, and quality lenses that suit all budget photographers and aesthetics. The brand is said to hold a 6.3% market share in India in the DSLR segment.

The brand developed new ideas before any other brand in the camera segment. Their E-1 was the 1st camera to offer a live view. The brand also made a mechanism to shake the dust off the sensors and bring notable features to date. The brand has sold its digital camera segment and their popular ones will continue under OM Systems.

Why should you choose an Olympus DSLR camera?

  • The grip offers extra space for batteries
  • Extreme waterproof
  • Superfast image capture
  • 4K video at 30 fps
  • Comes with lots of physical buttons for control



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