Which Iron Brand Is Best In India 2024

Best Iron Brand In India

I have compiled the list of top iron brands available in India; they are based on real customer reviews and per my view. I have used all these iron brands and felt these are the ones that have the best customer service and work best for the money you invest in them.

List of 6 Best Iron Brand In India

Best Iron Brand List

1. Philips Iron Brand

Philips Iron Brand

For over 130 years the brand has continued to improve users’ lives with innovative products. Philips & Co, founded in the Netherlands in the year 1891, aims to improve the lives of more than 2.5 billion people every year by 2030. The brand delivers integrated solutions on their products and iron is no exception. Philips is said to have a 45.8% share of the audio market.

They are recognized leaders in garment steamers and irons. The brands believe look and feel is the matter hence they consider the user’s precious time and develop innovative iron to keep your garments looking perfect in the most efficient and quick ways possible.

Philips is offering durable electric iron for affordable prices and you must invest in it if you are looking for a brand that has the best brand recognition that has best customer support. One of the many reasons why people prefer Philips the most over other brands is that they are sturdy, affordable and do the job decently.

Why should you choose Philips?

  • It is considered as world’s No 1 ironing brand
  • It comes with innovative technologies that keep ironing faster and more efficient
  • Award-winning solutions for their performance and superior design
  • Best customer support and warranty
  • Excellent build and value for money
  • Easy to locate service centers

2. USHA Iron Brand

Usha Iron Brand

A well-known brand in India for sewing machines and fans, it was launched as Shriram Group in 1889. They started their appliances range in 1984 and became popular for their best quality service and customer commitment. It is now one of the renowned brands for iron as well.

USHA offers you an excellent solution to handle your clothes. It gives wrinkle-free and crisp clothing with very little effort. Their steam irons are so popular and come with several vents with a spray function which makes sure that the moisture gets deep into the fabric threads. Also, the brand is known for affordability.

The brand has a pan-India market share of up to 21% and the company has a mission to offer quality products and services in every field. So if you are looking for an Indian make that comes with an affordable price tag, then Usha will be your choice.

Why should you choose USHA?

  • Best customer support
  • From the makers of India
  • The brand offers iron at attractive prices
  • High-quality products and warranty
  • A wide range of iron products from steam iron to dry iron

3. Morphy Richards Iron Brand

Morphy Richards Iron Brand

Morphy Richards has been a top household appliance for more than 80 years. It is well known for both the latest design and technology and it is estimated that more than 90% of British homes use its product from hair drying to ironing and baking.

Each year more than 5 million units of the brand’s products are being sold in the US and the brand aims to add elegance and convenience to modern homes. The brand is also available in India and is being serviced and marketed by Bajaj Electrical Limited. The company started with irons and toasters first in the year 1935 and the inventors started to make affordable and modern appliances for the mass market.

In the year 1982, more than 5 million Morphy Richards was sold and made a turnover of 30 Million. In the year 1983, they showed a contemporary style budget range of terracotta-colored irons with brown handles and orange control buttons. 

I suggest you buy Morphy Richards if you are looking for a lightweight and excellent iron that is also value for money. They have good reviews and feedback so far and the drawback that users faced a lot is the water leakage.

Why should you choose Morphy Richards?

  • The brand is well known for mid-range steam iron
  • Lightweight iron and reasonably priced
  • Best customer support. Users can contact them easily
  • A wide range of products to choose from
  • An active team that keeps users updated with the latest products and offers 

4. Bajaj Electricals Iron Brand

Bajaj Electricals Iron Brand

Bajaj Group is a global company that is trusted and renowned company with a turnover of more than 4900 crores as of the year 19-20, and the brand has more than 20 branch offices. It also has 500 customer care centers in India and also has a presence in-home appliance brands such as Morphy Richards and Nirlep.

In the year 1960, the name of the company was changed to Bajaj Electrical Limited, and all products are serviced immediately. This makes the brand quite famous and preferred by Indian customers. Bajaj irons are lightweight and easy to use which makes ironing a huge pile of clothes seem so easier. They have a wide range of home appliance that keeps the users comfortable all year round.

Globally trusted brand with over 500 customer care in India. Preferred by Indian customers due to their wide range of products.

Both dry and steam irons are offered by the brand that they are highly efficient as well. The market share of the brand is estimated to be around 7% in the year 2020. Their ceiling fans are also quite famous and come at an attractive and affordable price. 

Why should you choose Bajaj Electricals?

  • Better Price
  • Easy to locate customer center
  • Wide range of products
  • A well-known brand manufactured in India

5. Havells Iron Brand

Havells Iron Brand

Havells is an FMEG (fast-moving electrical goods) company that has a strong global presence and its products are proudly made in India. They have enviable market dominance across a wide range of products which also includes modular switches, fans, and home appliances. More than 500 Havells Galaxy across India are helping users.

The brand has a strong customer relationship and delivers services faster. They are also social and environmental responsibility. They aim to be recognized globally and they strive to build a long-term relationship with their employees and customers. The brand also has the largest integrated fan factory in India and they are the largest integrated CFL factory in India.

Their market share is said to be approximately 14%. They also have more than 14000 dealer networks in more than 60 countries. Why I have included this brand is that they are durable but some users have said that the product might be value for money.

Why should you choose Havells?

  • If you are looking for trendy iron
  • Has service centers in all most all cities
  • A well-known Indian brand
  • They are known for energy-efficient products 

6. Crompton Iron Brand

Crompton Iron Brand

Being one of the oldest brands in India with more than 75 years the brand was first established in 2 segments lighting and electrical durables. The brand has a market share of approximately 28% and from fans, lighting, home appliances, and pumps the brand has led their path to a successful height.

If you wish to buy home appliances from Crompton then I suggest you buy their top-rated iron, their product looks beautiful and trendy. The only drawback of the product as in my view is that the wire gets coiled easily, apart from that their product is top-notch.

Crompton offers the finest products in the market especially when it comes to looks and design. Their products are so much improved and their main aim is to make super-premium fans. Their fans are anti-drag and anti-dust. 

Why should you choose Crompton?

  • Oldest and trusted brand
  • They are large-scale manufacturers of home appliances
  • A multitude of design options
  • Latest technology



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