Which Soleplate Is Best For Ironing?

We all are bound to have a decent iron to quickly meet our needs. There is a wide range of irons available with a variety of iron brands and details to consider. One key feature that I suggest looking into is the soleplate, which plays a vital role in choosing the right iron for your home.

Which Soleplate Is Best For Ironing

The soleplate is the first thing you need to consider and it needs a little investigation. I often get messages asking “Which soleplate is best for ironing?” The soleplate is that bottom piece of your iron that meets with your clothes.

It can make a huge difference that’s what I felt while trying to test the soleplates. Each has its unique feature and it was very challenging for me to decide. Getting familiar with the right type of soleplate makes this tedious chore a bit less. They also vary in price and features.

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Large vs Small Soleplate

The size of the iron soleplate depends on the type of ironing you will be doing. If you wish to use it while traveling and crafting, I suggest you go for the ones with smaller soleplates. But if it is for ironing a huge pile of clothes then a large iron can get the job done quicker.

  • Traveling:- You might need something small and that can fit in your luggage for traveling purposes. As you might just iron one or two, a compact iron with a basic steaming ability iron is all you need.
  • Crafts:- Depending on the size of the project whether it is for sewing or quilting your choice can range between large and small.
  • Home Ironing:- I suggest you go for a larger soleplate with a precision tip. Especially if you are a frequent user. The soleplate must have lots of steam holes to remove wrinkles quickly and the precision tip will help you navigate between buttons with ease.

Types Of Soleplates

One of the most essential parts of clothes irons is the soleplate. They are the ones that come in direct contact with your garments. The material used in making the soleplate also plays a vital role in its durability, weight, and ease of maintenance.

I have researched and listed the top iron soleplate available in India to make your search end here.

1. Teflon Soleplate

Teflon Soleplate

Teflon-coated soleplates are perfect for all fabrics and assure a perfect gliding experience. What more? It provides “Zero” stains on the clothes and the soleplate is super easy to clean as well. On the other hand, the Teflon-coated soleplate is prone to scratches, so I recommend you handle it with care and clean it with delicate cleaning agents. These types of soleplates can provide a layer of insulation between your garment and the soleplate. Havells Fabio comes with a Teflon-coated soleplate. I have also reviewed this product on my blog.

Why You Choose Teflon Soleplate

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Faster heat transfer
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight and durable

Why You Not Choose Teflon Soleplate

  • Might scorch the cloth
  • Can melt the coating material due to overheating

Best Teflon Coated Soleplate Iron

  1. Morphy Richards Teflon Coated Soleplate Iron
  2. Crompton Teflon coating soleplate Iron

2. Stainless Steel Soleplate

Stainless steel soleplates also known as inox are the most common type of soleplate installed in all high-end and mid-range varieties. They are engineered with alloy and chromium to make them heat-resistant and non-corrosive.

Stainless Steel Soleplate

A stainless-steel soleplate iron is very easy to maintain and clean. They are also highly durable. All you need to do is just wipe with a cotton cloth to remove that sticky brown bit. I suggest you allow it to cool down completely before cleaning your iron. I also experienced melt decals when set on high heat with the stainless-steel irons.

Why You Choose Stainless Steel Soleplate

  • Highly durable and hard-wearing
  • Can distribute heat evenly
  • Affordable

Why You Not Choose Stainless Steel Soleplate

  • Can be heavy
  • The soleplates can accumulate starch
  • Prone to chips and scratches over time which can cling to the fabric

Best Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron

  1. Rowenta Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron
  2. Bajaj Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron

3. Titanium Soleplate

Titanium is a mix of both alloys with iron or aluminum. The surface offers a gleaming look and it’s easy to clean as well. One feature I loved the most in titanium soleplate is that it is not bulk and is easy to handle. Like other irons, titanium-plated soleplate iron can also offer even heating. It also sometimes comes with a non-stick coating and is highly durable.

Titanium Soleplate

You might have to be a bit careful as the material can melt easily when it’s heated for too long time. If you are looking for titanium-coated soleplate iron in India. I have also published a blog post on the best steam irons in India which includes titanium coating soleplate products.

Why You Choose Titanium Soleplate

  • An excellent heat-conducting capacity
  • Can distribute heat evenly
  • Does not cause static
  • Never gums materials on the soleplates even at high temperature

Why You Not Choose Titanium Soleplate

  • Overheating can melt the material

Best Titanium Coated Soleplate Iron

  1. Panasonic Titanium Coated Soleplate Iron
  2. Conair Titanium Coated Soleplate Iron

4. Ceramic Soleplate

Some irons have a ceramic coating over the plastic or aluminum soleplate. These are inorganic materials made of clay and become hard when fired. The ceramic layers are then baked onto the plate. As the material is an excellent conductor of heat, it can evenly distribute heat. It is super durable and eliminates static between the clothes and the iron.

Ceramic Soleplate

Ceramic-coated soleplates do have pros and cons. Over time, the ceramic coating might peel and wear down. According to my opinion maintenance and effortless cleaning is what made me add this to the list of soleplates best for the ironing blog post.

Why You Choose Ceramic Soleplate

  • Ensure immediate heat-up
  • Prevents static

Why You Not Choose Ceramic Soleplate

  • The soleplate weighs more
  • It can pick up colors from natural materials
  • The coating might peel off over time

Best Ceramic Coated Soleplate Iron

  1. Morphy Richards Ceramic Coated Soleplate Iron
  2. Philips Ceramic Coated Soleplate Iron
  3. Black+Decker Ceramic Coated Soleplate Iron

5. Non-Stick Soleplate 

As the name implies “non-stick” means that the soleplate is coated. The material can be Teflon, ceramic, silicone, Titanium, etc. These soleplates are mostly the same and glide easily just like the stainless-steel ones. When it comes to durability, the coating depends on the quality of the base material and coating used.

Non-Stick Soleplate 

Non-stick-coated soleplates are great for printed and sequinned fabrics. I tried them on extremely sensitive fabrics and worked perfectly.

Non-stick coating provides even heat distribution and is highly durable. It never stains your clothes and is easy to use on fabrics. As we know non-stick can peel off over time just like our pans and Tawas, additional care is needed to maintain them.

Why You Choose Non-Stick Soleplate

  • Do not stain the clothes
  • Durable

Why You Not Choose Non-Stick Soleplate

  • The coating can degrade and peel off

Best Non-Stick Soleplate Iron

  1. Philips Non-Stick Soleplate Iron
  2. USHA Dry Iron with Non-Stick Soleplate Iron
  3. Bajaj Non-Stick Soleplate Iron

Which One Soleplate is Best for Ironing?

The above-mentioned are the types the soleplates available in the market, the best one to buy depends on your usage and need. But look for a versatile and safe to use one, also it must do its job swiftly and more efficiently.

In case you need a travel iron, choose a cordless iron box that would be great for use. When it comes to choosing the right soleplate, any of the above-mentioned would be great, and the deciding factor depends on your priorities.

Whichever soleplate you choose to buy, make sure to clean it well to ensure its life.

How To Maintaining The Soleplate?

Regular usage of iron might cause build-up and a huge chunk of burnt mess on the soleplate. It might become tough to clean. It is better to clean the soleplate regularly. Using any kind of starch or scorched fiber can enhance its performance.

It glides easily and doesn’t block the steam holes. When cleaning any kind of soleplate remember to avoid hard scouring pads. Even fine scratches might create resistance when ironing and also cause uneven soleplate heating. It can ruin your clothing with burns as well.

Frequently Ask Question

1. What to look in for an iron?

The first thing to consider is the budget. There are various brands available in all price ranges. It is essential to set up your budget first. Then decide the type of iron and the soleplate you want. Also, the basic ones available in India are Dry and steam iron.

2. Does iron consume a lot of electricity?

The consumption of energy depends on the manufacturer. You will have to do a bit of research before buying an iron. Also, check for the customer reviews to buy the one that consumes less energy.

3. What are some of the features to consider in an electric iron?

One thing to consider before buying an electrical appliance is its features. Look for their soleplate, the base metal that is used to press the clothes. Also, look for the cable length as ironing is all about moving a lot, the cable must be flexible and safely protected.

4. Why did the iron smoke on the first use?

The manual might suggest you heat the iron for the first time. You might notice a small amount of smoke. These are just the engineering residues and they are harmless and will disappear quickly.

5. What to do when I don’t use the iron for a long time?

If you are not using the iron for a long period, try to remove the residue and empty the water tank. As this might stain your laundry.

6. How to get the best iron in India?

When choosing to buy an iron, consider the soleplate, wattage, and performance.



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