Which TV Brand Is Best In India 2024

Most TV Brand manufacturers are aiming to broaden their product range with smart TVs, and as a result, the country’s TV shipments have grown to 46% in 2021. Smart TV is considered the most essential home appliance and it has been growing strong.

Best TV Brand In India

Indian Smart TV Brands market is also recorded 65% year-on-year growth and there are more than 50 brands in India that market smart TVs. The manufacturers are also improving the features and the level of technological advancements of their products, which makes it difficult for the buyers to choose the right product.

Choosing the right TV brand in India is based on the buyer’s preference. While there is more options like HD, 4K, and Smart TVs, it could be a bit hard to pick the right one. I have tested a lot of brands and suggested the top ones to buy in India.

List Of 6 Best TV Brands In India

List Of 6 Best TV Brand In India

1. Samsung TV Brand

Samsung TV Brand

Samsung is also another most trusted TV brand in India. This South Korean brand is one of the electronic device giants. They offer a wide range of consumer and industry electronics which also includes mobile phones and home appliances. The brand is one of the most well-known brands in technology and they are about 5th of South Korea’s whole exports. 

Founded by Lee Byung-Chull in 1938 the company also aims for a market size of $4.56 Billion by 2025. They are the leader in bringing innovative technologies to the Indian Market. Being one of the preferred TVs in the market, Samsung comes with superior picture quality and new technologies like HDR10 and HDR10+.

The brand has also launched QLED TVs which offer users a next-level viewing experience and they also provide a wide range of TV products. QLED which means Quantum dot LED TV is a variation of LCD and LED. Unlike other Smart TVs, this runs through Tizen OS or Orsay OS depending on the year.

The sales of Samsung TVs were also ranked in a total of $54.2 billion in 2021 and according to BusinessLine, the brand holds a 30% market share in the TV market.  

Why should you choose Samsung TV?

  • If you are looking for great picture quality
  • Tizen OS or Orsay OS
  • They have Active Crystal Color technology
  • If you are looking for improved Quantum Dots LED (QLED)
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Aesthetic design with glass frame
  • They come with 3D experience with 3D Auto contrast and 3D depth

2. LG TV Brand

LG TV Brand

Luck Goldstar also called LG is a known brand among consumers around the world. They release a lot of TVs each year and they are known for their OLED options and they were notable for the same. The brand offers both entry-level and high-end models that offer great value. 

LG TVs are great for gamers and they also support HDMI 2.1 making them an excellent option for PC and console gamers.  LG televisions are not Android TVs they have their own platform called WebOS. The brand exclusively uses WebOS which was owned previously by Palm and HP.

This South Korean TV giant had very high growth and it almost sold 20,000 units this year. They also aim for 50% business in 2021 and the brand is also expecting the 4K segment to climb 80% in the coming year.

 Both LG and Samsung are the most argued brands and they are somewhat different with their panel technologies. Statista says that LG is the 2nd most popular brand with more than 12% market share. The brand also manifested mosquito away technology recently which works on the principle of ultrasonic waves. 

Why should you choose LG TV?

  • Comes with OLED technology
  • WebOS platform
  • Offer impeccable True 8K high contrast modulation
  • Premium OLED comes with a 3rd-Gen Alpha9 processor
  • LG TVs support all major HDR Formats
  • If you are looking for Dolby Vision IQ HDR
  • They have a Smart OS feature

3. Sony TV Brand

Sony TV Brand

Sony is another brand that is known for best picture quality, if you are looking for the same, then look no further. This Japanese manufacturer is been known for making stunning televisions for decades now. The headquarters is located in Tokyo and the brand generated more than 84 billion U.S dollars in the year 2020.

Sony Bravia is a streaming service that makes the product a win to some of the best TVs on the television market. This service offers high-quality 4K streaming for both older and new-release movies. 

The global network of Sony Corporation is around $84.82 billion. In terms of best models and sound, you can expect them even in their smaller TVs. The brand also uses Google’s Android TV OS, which supports major streaming apps such as Apple TV+, Netflix, Prime Video, and others as well.

The brand also accounted for 9% of the Indian market share in the Smart TV segment. The manufacturer also includes subwoofers in their models to offer excellent sound effects too. In performance terms, Sony TVs are an absolute stunner. The only con of this brand is the repair cost is very expensive. For a cracked screen it costs more than the replacement cost. 

Why should you choose Sony TV?

  • Comes with Cognitive intelligence with CP XR
  • Android OS
  • Their budget range models have a 4K resolution
  • If you are looking for a vibrant trillions display
  • Their premium models come with Dolby Vision HDR 

4. OnePlus TV Brand

OnePlus TV Brand

OnePlus TV is another brand that tells how serious the Smart TV space is in India. OnePlus offers a wide range of 4K TVs and for budget buyers, this is an excellent choice to consider. This Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer has a headquarters located in Shenzhen.

The company claimed its fame from its flagship-level smartphones at attractive costs and it is said to have a 7% market share in the TV segment in India as well. What makes me choose this brand is that it comes with the latest version of Android with an extra layer of features and customization on top.  

OnePlus TV offers a 95% screen-to-body ratio which makes the products look sleek and feel like a premium smart TV at an affordable price tag. People prefer this brand as the brand offers both installation options such as tabletop and wall mount.

The only drawback that I felt that the brand could improvise is the TV remote console which does not have a dedicated power button and it could be confusing for someone unfamiliar.

Why should you choose the OnePlus TV?

  • Android OS
  • Comes with Dolby Atmos Audio
  • Attractive price
  • Comes with a resolution of 840 x 160 pixels and has an LED panel
  • Provides the right balance of things such as handling dark zones and proper illumination

5. Mi TV Brand

Mi TV Brand

Xiaomi Corp, is a Chinese brand that holds the electronics market after Samsung. The brand has a presence in over 100 countries and has been considered the world’s most valued technology startup. The brand also holds 70th place in the top 100 valuable brands.

Year on year, the brand became popular in India and it is now one of the top-selling mobile phone brands in India. Founded by Lei Jun, the headquarters is located in Beijing, China, and Xiaomi holds a 23% market share. It also holds RMB 76.9 billion and a YoYo growth of 163.8%.

The brand aims to make quality technology for everyone and all their TVs come with Bluetooth voice control which makes the product easy to use by elders. Also, the product is priced affordably so that all can afford it. 

Why should you choose Mi TV?

  • If you are looking for an FHD display
  • Comes with Android TV Google Assistant
  • Has powerful 2 x 10W 6ohm powerful speakers
  • Patchwall with Android TV

6. TCL TV Brand

TCL TV Brand

This is also a fast-growing consumer electronics manufacturer founded in 1981. The brand operates in over 160 markets worldwide and it is said to have ranked in 2nd place in the global TV market in 2019 a data from Sigmaintell. TCL also has 22 manufacturing facilities and more than 25 R&D centers over 10 joint laboratories.

In the year 2009, the brand introduced the world’s first 3D internet and was considered the No. 1 TV exporter. It also had a brand value of $6.46 billion. When it comes to picture quality, TCL offers better picture quality being a budget brand and most of the brand’s line has an average picture quality.

It is also said that the brand has hit a record of 28.61 million TV sets in the year 2018 and it grew significantly YoY to 23.1% with a five-year highest growth rate. 

Why should you choose TCL TV?

  • It comes with Dolby Vision and has an inbuilt Google Assistant
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Android TV
  • TCL Smart TVs use Roku
  • Cheapest brands on the market 



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