Which Washing Machine Brand Is Best In India 2024

Finding the right washing machine brand in India is a tiresome task. Out of all home appliances, the washing machine is the most frequently used in all seasons. There has been a huge amount of change in the customer buying profile in the last few years.

Buyers are not just looking for load capacity but also for designs, price, and quality of the washing machine. The visual appearance of the product has also become an important thing to consider among customers.

Best Washing Machine Brand In India

The washing machine market is said to witness a CAGR of over 3% between 2020-2025.  The market also saw a whooping 7 million unit sales in the year 2019-20 valued at INR 10,400 Crore. The semi-automatic segment holds a 57% market share while the fully automatic holds a 66% share by volume.

With more than 30 brands of washing machines on the Indian Market and with so many features and wash programs, buyers are confused about which to settle down. To make things easier, I have come up with reviews of top-rated washing machine brands in India and I have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

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List Of 6 Best Washing Machine Brands in India

List Of 6 Best Washing Machine Brand In India

1. Samsung Washing Machine Brand

Samsung Washing Machine Brand

Samsung is also another most trusted washing machine brand in India. This South Korean brand is one of the electronic device giants. They offer a wide range of consumer and industry electronics which also includes mobile phones and home appliances. The brand is one of the most well-known brands in technology and they are about 5th of South Korea’s whole exports. 

Founded by Lee Byung-Chull in 1938 and holds a share of 29%. The company also aims for a market size of $4.56 Billion by 2025. If you are looking for a brand that has innovative and advanced features in washing machines then Samsung is what I suggest. The brand is also well known for constantly updating its features to help the evolving needs of its buyers

Samsung offers consumers a variety of features to make laundry easier, faster, and more energy-efficient. They have various settings for water temperature, spin speed, soil level, and cycle length. Their newer models can be paired with Google Assistant or Alexa to allow you to control the washing machine remotely. This feature is very helpful for users who have kids at home. 

Why should you choose Samsung?

  • If you are looking for an energy-efficient washing machine. As it can save up to 40% of energy
  • Saves water up to 21%
  • Comes with steam-washing technology
  • They are Energy Star-certified
  • Comes with an AI-enabled intelligent wash
  • 2-year warranty for washers 

2. Whirlpool Washing Machine Brand

Whirlpool Washing Machine Brand

Whirlpool, an American manufacturer of home appliances, headquarters is located in Michigan, United States. The brand has a headquarters in India, Gurgaon, and was founded in 1911. The company first launched home laundry is one of the leading household appliances manufacturers. They have more than 80,000 employees and annual revenue of $20 Billion

The second most preferred washing machine brand in India is Whirlpool. If you are looking for a machine that has an inbuilt heater then this will not disappoint you. Based on our extensive research, this brand does require less servicing when compared to other models.

Whirlpool washing machines are great for those who live in hard water areas, as they are equipped with intelligent hard water mechanism that offers ultimate performance. The brand has also a new technology called Hexa bloom impeller which lessens fabric abrasion. 

Why should you choose Whirlpool?

  • Comes with a 6-step cleaning process with an inbuilt heater
  • Comes with 360 bloom wash
  • Has an advanced magic lint filter and power dry feature
  • 2 years warranty
  • Has three 3D technologies
  • Includes 360-degree motion 

3. IFB Washing Machine Brand

IFB Washing Machine Brand

IFB or Indian Fine Blanks Limited began in 1989 and manufactured fully automatic machines and other home appliances. It was initially established as an engineering tools manufacturer but now they are famous for its home appliance products. 

 The brand is well known for its quality, technology, and durability. IFB holds a market share of 40% in the front-load segment. And they pride themselves on manufacturing India’s first front-load washing machine. 

Being one of the world-class premium brands, IFB offers smart sense washing machines with smart technologies. It comes with an array of features with 11 wash programs and voltage control. This brand has also launched the Aqua energy system which allows users to save water and electricity.

IFB washing machines have a dedicated program for small and light soiled garments and it adjusts detergent and water accordingly. Also, all of their washing machines have high – low voltage protection to prevent damage to the electric components.

Why should you choose IFB?

  • If you are looking for a 360-degree Air bubble wash
  • It comes with Aqua Energie technology
  • Comes with an auto-balance and time delay option
  • Offers the best wash quality and energy-efficient
  • 1-year warranty 

4. LG Washing Machine Brand

LG Washing Machine Brand

A South Korean brand that offers an affordable price, performance, and great services. The brand offers durable units with excellent after-sales service through its wide network of service centers in India. LG offers excellent Smart Inverter Technology: an energy-saving technology with a revolutionary waterproof motor. They are one of the best sellers of Indian consumer Home appliances

If you are looking for one of the best washing machines under INR 20,000, then LG offers you the best and most affordable machines to make laundry so much easier. They have various wash programs with the latest programs and can come with 20 extra wash programs.

LG washing machines can sense the fabric type and select wash options accordingly and they also sterilize your clothes after every wash. These machines also have direct-drive technology that ensures silent operation and less vibration.

Why should you choose LG?

  • If you are looking for a washing machine for large families
  • They come with a spin speed of 1400 RPM
  • Comes with a smart remote control
  • Comes with various wash programs and a child lock feature
  • Has smart diagnosis
  • 2-years warranty

5. Bosch Washing Machine Brand

Bosch Washing Machine Brand

Bosch is also a reputed European brand that offers superior-quality washing machines. Founded by Robert Bosch in the year 1886 and was one of the major players in consumer goods, mobility, and household appliances.

 The brand holds more than 390,000 associates globally and generates sales of more than 70 billion euros in 2020. The brand forayed into India in 1922 and created a smooth path in-home appliances with innovation till today.

In 2015, the brand also acquired Siemens to cater to metropolitan consumers and they are currently offering 3 ranges of washing machines known as Serie 4, 6, and 8. Bosch washing machines are designed smartly to protect clothes at every turn of the drum.

The brand is also known for its longevity and quality which makes it an ultra-premium brand to consider. Quality means Bosch as they perform various quality control measures and suit all budgets.

Why should you choose Bosch?

  • They are equipped with VoltCheck, child lock, and power-off memory features
  • Has an advanced, efficient, and frictionless magnetic motor
  • Certified by ECARF
  • Comes with EcoSilence features which offer quieter operation
  • Has optimum detergent utilization 

6. Panasonic Washing Machine Brand

Panasonic Washing Machine Brand

The brand formerly from 1918 to 2008 Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Ltd is a manufacturer of consumer electronic products. The headquarters is located near Osaka and was first founded in the year 1918. The brand first made electric lamp sockets and plugs initially. 

In India, the brand began its operating in 1972 and the brand has been on an upward growth providing products that are relevant to the market. The brand also provides various types of washing machines to pick from. The brand is said to have a share of around 1.6% in the Indian market

Panasonic washing machines are efficient and sleek. They have various wash programs to remove stubborn stains from your garments. They also offer top and front loaders and a safer option for those who prefer affordable price points. The brand offers affordable prices compared to other local players.

They are equipped with touch-enabled control panels and a lightweight design that allows users to place them anywhere they want without any space constraints. The only drawback of Panasonic washing machines is that they are suitable for large families.

Why should you choose Panasonic?

  • Compact and perfect for small families
  • Includes 8 washing programs and settings
  • Has an active foam system
  • Gentle washing with Hexa Cube drum
  • Has hand wash net
  • 1-year warranty 


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