Which Water Purifier Brand Is Best In India 2024

Today most Indian households use water from aquifers. There is an enormous demand for groundwater in South Asian countries. It is said that 80% of the country’s population relies on groundwater for consumption and farming. Water purifiers are said to hold a 3% market share in the consumer electronics market. And it is said to grow with a CAGR of more than 9% between the periods of 2020-2026.  

Best Water Purifier Brand In India

Further, the market is dominating the major market share followed by offline products. As per CAGR, more than 14% by value and more than 100 lakh units are sold in the year 2019-20. To have a better and healthy lifestyle, you must drink pure water which is free from impurities. These could be anything such as salt etc; all contribute to making the water drinkable.

That is why you need a water purifier, which ensures it wipes out the impurities and leaves the vitamins and minerals behind. You might be confused about choosing the right water purifier for you and your family. To make things easier and hassle-free, I have listed the top ones available in India.

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List Of 5 Best Water Purifier Brand In India

Best Water Purifier Brands In India

1. Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Brand (Aquaguard)

Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Brand

A 40-year-old Indian brand that deals with consumer home appliances and one of their product ranges is its water purifiers. Started in 1982, and has been working towards its aim of bringing happy and healthy living to customers. With more than 20 million satisfied buyers from a reach of over 450 towns and cities, the brand also has a consumer channel of over 18,000 dealers.

The brand has a presence in the global market with Lux International, Switzerland. Eureka Forbes gained so much popularity in the 2000s by hitting a benchmark for sales of vacuum cleaners and water purifiers in India. It is said that the brand has held a 60% share of the entire water purifier market and is expected at around Rs 4500 crore.

The brand is currently selling its purifiers in names such as Dr. Aquaguard, Aquasoft, and Aquaguard. Their manufacturing units are located in 3 locations in India and have a capacity of around 12 to 15 lakh units every year. If you are looking for a universal water purifier brand that comes with RO, UV, and UF technology to provide you with customized water solutions. The products are built with the ability to sense the water source and filter water to an optimum level.

With good comes bad as well, the products are said to work fine but the brand’s customer service and after-sales service are said to be poor. So consider buying from a responsive dealer. One of the top models is the Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze.  

Why you should choose the Eureka Forbes water purifier?

  • If you are looking for a UV technology water purifier that can boil and purify water
  • Comes with non-electric water purifiers
  • Can store up to 6L of water
  • Comes with a TDS controller and an auto-off feature
  • Includes LED indicators and compact design
  • Suitable for filtering tap water, ground and bore well water
  • Includes 1-year warranty 

2. KENT Water Purifier Brand

KENT Water Purifier Brand

Started by Dr. Mahesh Gupta, an IIT alumnus, the brand is one of the most trusted ones in the segment across the globe. KENT has been recognized globally and they are one of the water purifier brands that are certified by NSF & WQA of USA. The brand’s products come with patented technology with RO+UV+UF+TDS controller like others mentioned in the post.

Founded in 1999, the brand has a strong foothold in the market and has more than 1500 distributors with over 500 direct marketing franchises. The brands also pride themselves on exporting domestic RO water purifier systems globally. It has also reached more popularity for its reliable option for water purifying needs.

KENT is famous for multiple purification processes and their water tanks come with UV light so that the tank is sterilized and free from harmful microorganisms. The brand aims to offer healthcare solutions at an affordable price. Products are crafted to suit all needs of customers and for a wide range of end-users.

Why you should choose a KENT water purifier?

  • Their products come with multiple purification process
  • If you are looking for a water purifier that can retain its essential minerals in the water
  • It has zero water wastage technology
  • Their products come with a 1-year warranty and 3 years extended service free
  • KENT water purifiers have a digital display of performance and purity
  • If you are looking for a product that can remove even dissolved impurities

3. HUL Pureit Water Purifier Brand

HUL Pureit Water Purifier Brand

Hindustan Unilever is one of the top brands that offer the best water purifiers in India and their products are built with over 15 years of technological expertise. They have a wide range of advanced RO and UV water purifiers that can give 100% safe and healthy drinking water to the consumer.

HUL was founded in 1933 and has over 21,000 employees and their sales were about INR 45,311 crores in 2020-21. The brand is a subsidiary of Unilever and is said to have sales of over 51 billion dollars in 2020 in over 190 countries. HUL was also rated as an innovative company in India globally by Forbes.

The market share of HUL is 12% by 2019-2020 and the brand has sold more than 1.3 million units. If you are looking for a water purifier that has innovative features and is electricity efficient, then HUL Pureit is an excellent option. Their products are said to consume just 60 watts of power and the products can work well with a maximum TDS of 2000 PPM.  

Why you should choose the HUL Pureit water purifier?

  • Their products use RO, UV, and MF technologies
  • It can perform well for TDS up to 2000 PPM
  • HUL Pureit offers 7-stage purification
  • Comes with a capacity of 10 liters
  • Their Ultima brands come with an advance alert that notifies you about the germ kill kit expiration 

4. Livpure Water Purifier Brand

Livpure Water Purifier Brand

Livpure Pvt. Ltd is a well-known water purifier brand in India and is trusted by Indian consumers. They aim to deliver superior water purifiers to homes and other purposes. The founder of LivPure is MR. Rakesh Malhotra and the brand has a market share of 10% in the RO segment. Livpure is also the fastest growing RO Company that is successful and it is one of the top-selling brands in Amazon.

Livpure is perfect for all kinds of water sources and can remove all impurities in water but most of the users felt that their installation process was very bad. Livpure can treat input water with high TDS levels of up to 2000 PPM. The brand was also considered the No.1 most trusted water purifier brand in 2020 by TRA.

Livpure’s purification capacity is up to 12 liters every hour which is sufficient for most Indian home and their compact design makes the product suitable for all sized kitchens. But I have listed in the 4th place for their pathetic customer service. If you are looking for the best or next-gen design with taste enhancers and intelligent technology, then consider LivPure.  

Why you should choose the Livpure water purifier?

  • Like other products, this one also comes with a 7-stage purification
  • Comes with an indicator to change the filter
  • Includes a taste enhancer
  • Can purify up to 2000 TDS
  • Improved taste in water 

5. Blue Star Water Purifier Brand

Blue Star Water Purifier Brand

Blue Star is one of the oldest electronic companies founded in 1943. The company made refrigerators and ACs initially and catered to a large number of commercial residential and corporate customers in India.

The brand is also said to draw a plan of about 10% market share in the water purifier segment. The firm sold more than 1.20 lakh units last year and they have launched more than 30 variants that enrich the water with essential minerals. The brand has also got 70 crore revenue through water purifiers and aims to 120 this fiscal.  

Blue Star does have a manufacturing plant located in Pune and if you are planning to buy a Blue Star water purifier then know that they use a special cartridge that offers alkaline antioxidant water. People in India choose Blue Star a lot for their satisfied customer support and their ultra-filtration ensures that the water is safe to drink. And the only drawback is that Blue Star water purifiers are less efficient on low water pressure. 

Why you should choose the Blue Star water purifier?

  • If you are looking for a water purifier that comes with a child-lock function
  • It has low-pressure indicators
  • It comes with dual-layer RO + UF
  • It has low-pressure indicators 


Now you know about the brands available in India and their features. While there are other brands as well, I have listed the top ones that are selling like hotcakes. Also, these are the ones that are tested personally by me and my expert team. I have taken real-customer reviews to build up this post. Hope it was helpful.


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