Blender vs Grinder 2024: Which One Is Best For Your Kitchen?

The difference between a blender and a mixer grinder is one of the most discussed topics when you talk about kitchen appliances. With the right kitchen tool, you can cook up an excellent awesome dish in your kitchen. They can make food making easier and quicker, offering you a free hand to experiment with a wide range of dishes, and also enhance your cooking quality. 

Blender vs Grinder

I have also discussed the difference between the food processor and mixer grinder in one of our previous blog posts. You will get to know the details of the mixer grinder and its working model and also about the food processor. There are lots of kitchen appliances like a wet grinder, juicer, grinder, etc. Each has its unique features and also plays a vital role in your kitchen. 

These unbelievable developments have helped us in various ways to enhance our cooking step by step. I have listed the major differences between the both to make things easier for you while shopping for a Mixer grinder or blender. Let’s discuss each of them separately.

Difference Between Blender And Mixer Grinder

Difference Between Blender And Grinder

What Is a Blender

A hand blender is one of the most essential kitchen tools to have in a kitchen. With a blender, you can also chop ingredients and make soups and sauces apart from blending. They are easy to hold and compact and can be used in all utensils. The tool can also be stored in your kitchen drawer. 

Hand Blender Mixer

What makes the difference from your regular blender is that you don’t have to pour liquids into it. All you have to do is just insert the tool directly into the container and turn it on. When you have a large number of ingredients to blend or puree, a blender is an excellent choice. You don’t have to blend in batches and both cold and hot liquids can be used with it. 

A good hand blender must be powerful enough to process all sorts of ingredients which also include cooked meats and other ingredients. So, this tool is intended mainly for blending liquids like smoothies and milkshakes. It also comes with a heavy motor and sharp blending blades. 

Benefits Of Blender

  • Compact & Portable:- One of the main reasons to use this tool is that it is super compact and portable. As today’s kitchens have very limited space, users are looking for a handy kitchen tool that can make their work easier. Hand blenders are portable and easy to store. 
  • Versatile:- One of the best features of a hand blender is its versatility. They are not just perfect for blending ingredients but can also chop fruits and vegetables. Whether you want to puree food or whip for a salad dressing, this can do it for you. 
  • Silent Operation:- Unlike other bulky kitchen tools, this doesn’t make much noise. Some come with a silent motor. 
  • Easy To Clean:- The blender is easy to dismantle and wash immediately. You just have to rinse it under warm water in a blending cup and it is done

Cons Of Hand Blender

Not suitable for stiff foods-you cannot blend very thick liquids with it and you will have to be a bit careful while using it as it might spill food while using it. 

What Is a Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is a kitchen tool that allows you to make a wide range of dishes. It caters to an all-in-one solution for a variety of kitchen tasks like dry drinking, juicing, mincing, and blending. If you love baking then a mixer grinder is a great investment for you. The two common types of mixer grinders are stand mixers and hand mixers. If you wish to buy it, consider the quality and the motor. There are some things to consider to pick the right one. 

Mixer Grinder Benefits And Disadvantages

A high-wattage quality mixer is essential for incorporating and mixing the ingredients well. Also, the mixer grinder you choose must have attachments that are safe to clean. A best-quality mixer grinder can also mix heavy dough. These also include sharp and durable stainless-steel blades and can chop down ingredients into the consistency you want. Its shockproof and trouble-free device ensures safety during operation. 

The appliance also includes jars with rubber lids to retain the freshness and fragrance of ingredients. Some mixer grinders also include juicer jars with unique honeycomb filter mesh to remove the pulp and deliver delicious juice. 

Benefits Of Using a Mixer Grinder

  • Can Accommodate a Wide Range of Food:- The mixer grinder is highly versatile. You can blend liquids and ice cream or chop down ingredients like nuts and meats. The versatility of their usage makes them an all-around kitchen tool to make a wide range of foodstuffs. They can hold and accommodate more ingredients in their tall jars. 
  • Processes A Variety of Dishes:- From mixing up liquids and whipping a mixer grinder offers a lot of dish-making processes. For example, you can also make bread and pastry dough with a stand mixer. You can also grind dry spices and herbs with it. Also, make meat patties with the small jar that comes along. It can also dice and mash several food items. 
  • Easy To Use:- Although this tool offers a wide range of options, it is still easy to operate. Most of them include blades and other attachments that can do a plethora of processes. 

Cons Of Mixer Grinder

  • Noisy:- The sound of this kitchen appliance can be very loud and irritating as well. Some models can also drive you to extreme irritation. But if you think it’s abnormally high, then the motor might have some issues. 
  • Sharp Blades:- You will have to be very cautious while using the mixer grinder. The sharp blades might wound your fingers. 

By owning a mixer grinder, you can make life so easier in the kitchen especially when you are making for your own family. They are now available in various colors and designs that can offer hands-free grinding with their self-locking jars and self-lubricating bushes with couplers and sharp blades. 

Difference Between Blender & Mixer Grinder


Mixer Grinder

Used to chop ingredients and you can also make soups and sauces with a blender.Used for making a wide range of dishes. It can blend, mine and juice as well.
A blender can also break down large chunks of ingredients.Breaks down large pieces of fruits and Vegetables.
Versatile productHighly Versatile
Cannot be used to make doughCan also be used to make pastry dough
Easy to cleanCleaning requires a little effort
Compact and portableNot Compact and portable
Cannot blend thick liquidsSuitable for stiff foods like thick liquids
Can be used to blend hot liquids with caution. These are also designed for blending hot liquids.You have to put ingredients into the jar
Used for making a wide range of dishes. It can blend, mine, and juice as well.Cannot be used to blend hot liquids as it might splutter. 
Can be used to blend frozen ingredients Can be used to blend frozen fruits

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. How to get a good hand blender?

Look for a small and portable tool. It must fit your kitchen cabinets or drawers. Also, consider the speed of the hand blender you choose to buy. It must be quick and should not create noise. 

2. What is the right wattage for a hand mixer?

Hand mixers are available from 200 to 250 watts of power. Features to consider are the attachments, speed, motor, and blades. 

3. How to maintain a mixer?

To extend the life of your mixer grinder maintenance is very essential. Check the lubrication and maintain the seal. Also don’t overload the jars to prevent overheating. 

4. Which is the best mixer grinder in India?

I have also written a blog post on the best mixer grinder available in India. Do check to know more.



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