Garment Steamer vs Iron: Which One Is Better For Your Clothes

Clothes are essential if they are maintained and taken care of properly. Maintaining garments wrinkle-free can be tough and it is one of those chores that we fail to do. But, one thing is for sure no one wants a wrinkled garment especially if you are going out for a date or a job interview.

When it comes to getting fabrics like tablecloths and curtains, the first thing we consider is the traditional iron brands. But there are quite a lot of tools that are famous and they are rapidly increasing in popularity. Mostly because they are more powerful, lighter, and efficient to use when needed.

Garment Steamer vs Iron

I’m talking about garment steamer and iron. While these have both pros and cons if you are puzzled about what to choose. Stick around! This post will give you a clear insight into which is the right option for you and the difference between them. Both have more or less the same features but they operate quite differently.

Difference Between Garment Steamer & Iron

Comparison Between Garment Steamer and Iron

Garment Steamer (Benefits & Disadvantages)

A garment steamer is a multi-functional household appliance that is very helpful in removing creases on delicate and heavy fabrics. They are also used to sanitize items in your home. A garment steamer is also called a clothes steamer. They are a handy and modern product that uses steam or moist heat to perform their function.

Garment Steamer India

It also includes a small tank that has cold water that will be heated to produce steam. The good thing about this is that they don’t need an ironing board. This is because the clothes can be hung on a chair or a drying rack. Vertical steaming is also possible with this and you don’t have to press on the clothing. Also, you don’t scorch the clothes accidentally.

Benefits Of a Garment Steamer

Space-saving & Convenient:-

These steamers are just a one-piece design. This makes the product store easily in a closet and re6move when needed. This means, no extra parts like ironing pads or boards are needed to use them.


To use a garment steamer all you have to do is just hang them. Repeated repositioning and lifting your clothing on an ironing board is not required with a garment steamer. A quick pass of the steaming hose over the wrinkles is just enough.

It is Faster:-

With a garment steamer, you don’t have to lay the fabric on a surface so the ironing process can be quicker. You can save more time if you have a decent garment steamer that can generate high steaming capacity which can remove the creases faster.

Sanitizing & Pest Control:-

One feature that I love about a garment steamer is that it can sanitize and kill some pests in the fabric. You can use the steamer on your mattress to eliminate bedbugs and dust mites.

Disadvantages of Garment Steamer

Less Sharp Look:-

Although the garment steamer can enhance your clothing, one of the major drawbacks is that it sometimes doesn’t offer that out-of-laundry look. But it’s an excellent tool to re-establish your saree pleats and other embellished folds in your clothing.

Not Suitable For Traveling:-

Garment steamers are portable but the upright models might not be suitable for steaming on the go and for traveling purposes.


These might slightly cost more than an iron and the high-end model might cost more.

The Steam Iron (Benefits & Disadvantages)

You might have heard about steam irons, they can de-wrinkle your crumpled clothes. Steam irons are highly convenient to get the right crisp press without much fuss. So, before starting, I’m brushing up on the basics and knowing how they work.

Steam Iron India

The soleplate gets heated up and it is then transferred to the fabric, the water in the tank drips onto the soleplate to produce steam through the vents. This steam can soften the fabric to give you an ultimate finish.

Benefits Of a Steam Iron

Professional Look:-

A steam iron can offer your garments a professionally pressed look. The steam moistens the fibers and makes the press hassle-free. Also, the steam helps keep the fabric in place for a long time which makes your garments look sharp throughout the day.


If you are an office-goer and don’t have much time to spare to iron then a steam iron will be the right choice for you. The steam can smoothen even the toughest crease and stubborn wrinkles in a minute. You can save your time in the morning if you are running late!

Highly Compatible:-

Not all fabrics are the same they have different requirements. Steam iron is a great choice if you are having different types of clothes in your wardrobe. I have also written a blog post on how to choose the right steam iron. You can check that if you are confused about what to choose.

Safe & Secure To Use:-

Like other irons, a steam iron doesn’t require constant supervision. They are highly reliable and they also come equipped with an automatic shut-off function. They have now become one of the most trusted home appliances.


Steam iron is easy to use and maintain as well. All you have to do is just a quick wipe and empty the water tub after every use to maintain its life. Also, they are durable with a strong outer body that can last long.

Disadvantages Of Steam Iron

Refilling Water:-

A steam iron might require frequent refilling of water as it will not produce steam without it. If the iron has a small reservoir, then you will have to refill it frequently. But you buy a steam iron that has a large water tub.

Fabric Specific:-

Steam iron might not be suitable for all fabrics. Heavier fabrics like wool and polyester will need more steam and press which will not be achieved with a steam iron.

Dripping For Water:-

If the water tank is not locked well or if it’s filled more, then it might lead to water leakage and stain the fabric.

Comparison Of Garment Steamer & Steam Iron

I have done a great deal of research on steam irons and garment steamers and they have very similar features. Without determining the purpose of usage, you cannot tell which one is better for us. Though the features are the same, they are designed for two different needs.

Who can use a steam iron?

If you don’t have a pile of clothes to iron every week, then you can go for a steam iron. The quality of these irons will be perfect and used for your personal use. Also, you can store them easily in your cupboard as they are not bulky.

Who can use a garment steamer?

If you manage a large number of clothes, then a clothes steamer can change your life. Not exaggerating, but it is so effective and makes ironing a chore so much less. If you have a separate laundry room then you can consider a garment steamer.

FeaturesSteam IronGarment Steamer
Steaming CapacityCan produce up to 35g of steam per minuteCan produce up to 300g of steam per minute
Water tank capacityCan hold 250ml of waterCan hold more than 1 lit of water
Time efficiencyYou can iron just a few clothes with a steam iron as you need to refill water frequentlyA garment steamer can produce steam for more than 90 minutes in a single refill
Heating timeTakes just a few seconds to heat upTakes more than 3 minutes to heat up
Size and WeightCompact and weighs lessA garment steamer is about 5 times heavier than a steam iron
De-Scaling or Calc Away featureIncludes this feature to help get rid of limescale build-upA Garment steamer also includes a calc away or de-scaling feature
Vertical SteamingYou can vertically steam with a steam iron without leaking but it’s not its main functionUses more pressure to generate steam which makes it a powerful performer for vertical steaming.
Maintenance Steam Irons can build up gunk over time. Which can damage your clothes.Maintenance-free
DurabilityHighly DurableDurable as well

Which Should I Choose?

Choosing the right one depends on your budget and your ironing needs. While some prefer the flat steam iron to de-crease their garments, some use a garment steamer to sanitize the surfaces and fabrics.

Consider all the options that I have mentioned here. Before you proceed, write down a checklist to make sure you search and compare the various features provided by them. You will know what suits you and you will end up getting your money’s worth.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. Are garment steamers better than steam irons?

A steam iron has a hot soleplate that can give you that “Pressed” look. Whereas a garment steamer is used just to relax materials and remove wrinkles in your fabrics.

2. How to use a clothes/ garment steamer?

Always use a garment steamer in an up-and-down motion, never use them “head down” which might result in water leakage.

3. What are the fabrics that are not suitable for steam ironing?

Never steam your suede and waxed clothing like jackets which could melt. Read your fabric labels before if you are unaware of the material.

4. Can I leave my garment steamer on?

A garment steamer is used to remove the creases and wrinkles from your fabric with the use of high temperatures. Never leave them on as it might damage the product or might cause a fire.

5. Why is my clothes steamer leaking?

Leakages are caused by overfilling of water. Hold the nozzle high and let the water drain from the hose to the steamer. This way you can solve the water leaking issue in a garment steamer.

6. How to unclog a clothes steamer?

Fill the water tank with water and vinegar. Allow it to cool down and empty the steamer. You can repeat the process until you fix the issue.



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