Which Geyser Is Best Instant or Storage 2024

How many times does it happen, that you buy something and soon start regretting it? Well, it is very unlikely to happen in a normal situation. But when it comes to buying an electronic appliance every buyer tries to make a conscious choice as to what he picks. The same goes for buying geysers.

Which Geyser Is Best Instant or Storage

Geysers come up with so many choices to pick from. As there are different brands, operators, types, etc. In this article, I will let you know which one is the best instant or storage geyser according to your situation.

Which Geyser Is Best Instant or Storage Infographic

Which Geyser Is Best Instant or Storage Infographic

Quick comparison between Instant & storage water heaters:-

Basis of comparison:-Instant GeyserStorage Geyser
DurabilityThe estimated life span of 15 to 20 yearsPredictably 10 to 13 years
CapacityFrom 1 to 6 literFrom 10 to 40 liters
Electricity usage2 to 4.5 kWh5 to 6 kWh
Space CoveredCompact, with not much space, coveredNeeds large space
Heating duration15 to 20 seconds15 to 30 minutes
PriceStarting from ₹4000 to ₹ 8000Starting range 6000 to ₹ 15,000
SafetyMuch saferSafe, if you flush out the sediment once in 2 years
Repairs & maintenance Rarely requiredOften requires regular maintenance

Difference Between Instant Geysers & Storage Geysers:-

1. Price

Instant geysers vs storage geysers PRice

If we include the money factor then Instant Geysers prove to be much easier on the pockets than Storage Geysers. Where a good quality Storage Geyser’s price range begins from Rs. 6000, Instant Geyser can be bought at a mere Rs. 2500. 

2. Water Storage Capacity

Instant geysers vs storage geysers Water Storage Capacity

Now here there’s a twist, where Instant Geysers are available in sizes between 1 liter to 6 liters. 

Whereas Storage Geysers have much more variants in capacity, from 10 liters to 40 liters.

3. Heat up time

Instant geysers vs storage geysers Heat Up Time

So comparatively Instant geysers being instant, provide hot water quickly within 15 to 20 seconds. But storage geysers take about 15 to 30 minutes to deliver hot temperature water.

4. Power Efficiency

Instant geysers vs storage geysers Power Efficiency

Instant Geysers do not tend to take much time as well as electricity to heat the water. When the instant geyser is ON it consumes 2 to 4.5 kW per hour. 

Whereas, storage geysers as we already know take more time to heat the water. It consumes between 5 to 6 kW per hour.

5. Safety

Instant geysers vs storage geysers Safety

In the case of safety, instant geysers not only come up with smart shield covering but also tend to have no risk of tank explosion due to overheating.

On the contrary, storage geysers are traditionally designed and have huge storage tanks to store hot water. This water starts reheating once it cools down. Hence, causing more risk of tank explosion.

6. Life-Span

Instant geysers vs storage geysers Life-Span

Once again Instant geysers win in this comparison as they are much more durable than storage geysers. Because not only do they need lesser maintenance but also last 2 to 5 additional years than storage geysers.

7. Maintenance

Instant geysers vs storage geysers Maintenance

Being compact and with a non-complex operating structure, Instant geysers need little to no maintenance for years to come. Unlikely, storage geysers have such recurring costs associated with them including regular maintenance and repair charges after every 2 years.

Instant Geyser or Storage Geyser, what to choose?

Now, if the above comparison is well analyzed, one can make a fair choice by choosing Instant Geyser over Storage Geyser. It’s a very simple choice to make.

But here’s one exception, if a buyer is looking for a water heater for a family with multiple members, then the choice may shift. As the only thing that makes a storage geyser better than an instant one is that it has a huge space variety to pick from.

But still, choosing Instant Geyser over a storage geyser is the only smart choice one can make in terms of durability, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Can instant geysers be used in bathrooms?

No doubt, it’s very safe to use instant geysers in bathrooms. The reason is, they are not only compact in design that help in covering lesser space but also are safer as compared to tank-style geysers.

2. Which is the best storage geyser in India?

Out of so many brands available, Crompton and AO Smith storage geysers are mostly recommended as the best. 

3. Which geyser is best for showering?

In this case, vertical water heaters are considered to be a good choice overall. Also, according to the Times of India, Bajaj New Shakti 15-litre storage vertical water heaters are considered to be the most suitable for showers.

4. Which geyser consumes less electricity instant or storage?

Instant geysers take about 15 to 20 seconds to heat the water making the electricity usage time shorter than storage geysers. Eventually, instant geysers consume the least amount of electricity.



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