Iron Buying Guide India: How To Choose The Best Iron For Home

Investing in a good Iron brand allows you to swiftly iron your clothes when needed and it does not just save your time but also money. Over the past few years, you might have noticed many improvements to the traditional iron and one of them is the steam iron

Iron Buying Guide India

If you want a fresh cleaner look, crisp and crease-free clothes then it’s time to invest in an iron. They can get the job done and assure you to get the super-smooth results you were longing for.

To help you decide how to buy the right iron, we have made a list of things you must take note of while buying an iron for your needs. 

Iron Buying Guide In India

Types of Iron In India

1. Dry Iron

An inexpensive iron comes in lightweight with minimal features. You need to sprinkle water before using dry irons. These are old–fashioned, classic ones and easily available. You don’t have to adjust the temperature frequently depending on the fabric type.

Dry Iron India

It is light in weight and user-friendly. It features a non-stick soleplate for better gliding across fabrics. Also makes ironing a breeze. Many of these irons come with button grooves to speed up the process. Dry iron is easy to set up and very compact as well. 

2. Steam Iron

As the name suggests, these irons emit steam from the water you add into the tank. You will get a smoother press with these kinds of irons. These are a bit more expensive than the dry irons.

Steam Iron India

The steam iron on the other hand is quite popular in India and it comes with an ionic deep steam action. It can remove creases easily from cotton and linen fabrics. They emit steam for a specific time frame into creaks and hard-to-reach spots. Hence you get smoother and wrinkle-free clothes. They also include an extra-long cord, water level indicator, and water inlets. 

Steam irons are highly convenient and safe to use. However, you need to choose the one according to your needs and budget. We also have a dedicated blog post on how to choose the best iron for your home in India. 

3. Portable Iron

Portable Iron India

Portable irons are preferred for travelers and they are quite small and light in weight when compared to the standard ones. These irons are available both in steam and dry types and cordless as well.

What To Look In For an Iron Before You Buy?

The right iron must meet all your ironing needs. But there are specific things you must consider before investing in one.

1. Consider The Iron Type

Before buying an iron check for the type, whether it’s a steam iron or dry iron. Steam irons are more adaptable when it comes to ironing. They are also a bit more expensive than dry iron. Choose the one that suits your budget.

2. Check The Soleplates Of The Iron

Iron soleplates are made from the following materials such as:-

Type Of Iron Soleplates
  • Ceramic:- These irons are highly durable and can distribute heat evenly. They are smooth and glide on fabric seamlessly, offering an excellent ironing experience. 
  • Non-stick:- These irons are highly versatile and reduce the sticking of clothes. These soleplates are usually non-stick coated and they could be enameled or Teflon. They are easy to maintain and offer effortless ironing.
  • Stainless steel:- If you are looking for a durable iron that has zero corrosion and is scratch-resistant then choose stainless steel irons. 

3. Setting Feature

Once you know what type of iron soleplate you want. The next thing to consider is the setting option. Ideally, you must choose the ones that give you a minimal range of temperature settings. Also, if you wish to buy the steam iron, check for the options, it must generate at least 3 different amounts of steam options. 

Steam irons will generate steam automatically as per the fabric type that you want to iron. There are various brands of steam iron available in India. You can precisely control the amount of steam which ensures the variability of steam.

4. Large & Easy To Fill Water Tanks

Steam Iron Water Tank

Most steam irons have small tubs inside where you can fill water through the small hole and include a sealer to prevent spillage. There are see-through ones that allow you to see the water level to avoid overflow. Also, there are specific models with easy-to-remove water tanks. You can easily clean them when needed. 

5. Cord

360° Iron Cord

The iron you choose must have a cord that can easily move. There are 360° cord irons available that let you move in all directions. Also, there are cordless irons available for travelers, they include a separate heat plate and retain heat for a few minutes. 

6. Warranty

The warranty can differ from brand to brand. Most of them come with a 2-year warranty, in case you face any glitches or damage, the product can be replaced. Talk to the seller regarding the warranty or visit the brand’s official website to find out. 

7. Star Rating

The Star rating is very essential when it comes to home appliances. The higher the star rating, the quicker the heating process. Also, the higher the watt rating, the higher the temperature.

Iron Star Rating

So, if you are choosing the steam iron, the production of the steam will not just be quicker but also higher when you choose the high-wattage ones. This is why you must think about choosing the right one that has a watt range of 2000. This is responsible for quick heat-up. 

8. Heat Settings

Look in for the temperature setting. It must at least have a low medium and high heat setting option. Advanced models might also have separate heat settings for cotton, wool, silk, etc. Usually, the ones with the cotton setting can avoid the burning of clothes. 

9. Soleplate Vents

There is no perfect number of steam vents on a soleplate, the ultimate goal is to offer even steam distribution. Many brands have only vents in the top half of the soleplate, which is a big plus in anyone’s book. You can reduce the higher steam efficiency on the clothes which helps in the maintenance of shine while ironing. 

10. Shapes Of Soleplates

There are quite a lot of soleplate shapes and designs that differ from utility to potential gimmicky, but then it all depends on your preference. 

  • Traditional:- these are usually tapered at the top and help with ironing more detail in places like seams, cuffs, and between buttons. The back of these models is mostly squared off with slight round edges. Traditional Soleplates In Iron
  • Multi-directional:- these have a soleplate that looks like a couple of pieces fused. You can easily iron in any direction and get into small details without changing the ironing position. Multi-directional Soleplates In Iron

Dry Iron Vs Steam Iron Which One Is Best For You?

Before investing in iron, you need to consider its features and quality. Choosing between dry iron and steam iron can be challenging. Also, you will have to look into the differences that will provide you with the idea for choosing the right piece.

Dry Iron Vs Steam Iron

Both stream and dry iron are famous for their unique heat settings and features. Dry iron comes with a 1500 wattage while steam ones come with 1800 to 2000 watts. Stream iron also called pressing iron comes with a water compartment to steam. It features a generation of steam that makes ironing quicker. As a result, you will get crease-free clothes in just a few minutes. 

Features of Dry iron:-

  •       Old technology 
  •       Great for first–time users 
  •       Low maintenance 
  •       Average ironing quality 
  •       No water tank included
  •       Light in weight
  •       Includes Auto shutdown

Features of Steam Irons:-

  •       Superior ironing quality 
  •       High efficiency 
  •       Decent performance 
  •       Water steaming 
  •       Non–stick soleplate 
  •       High efficiency 
  •       A bit heavier 
  •       Auto shutdown 
  •       360 – degree cord movement 

Choosing between dry iron and steam iron depends on the type of usage you have. Opt for dry iron, if you have just a few ones to iron daily. However, if you have a large pile of clothes and want to save time then consider buying a steam iron. For frequent iron, stem ones are the best. This will ensure that every type of fabric can be ironed seamlessly. These irons include customized settings for all kinds of fabrics as well. 

How To Clean The Iron Soleplate?

Regular ironing can cause burnt build-up on the soleplate. Cleaning them with a scorched fiber might enhance their glide and avoid the blockage of steam vents. Remember to check the manual to make sure you are using the right cleaning method to avoid product damage. 

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. Can steam iron be used as dry iron?

You could use steam iron as a dry iron and it is quite easy too. But, using this version needs dry heat customization. 

2. Which is better: dry iron or steam iron?

You might now know the difference between dry and steam iron. The inference is that it’s an old technology that is being used in Dry iron. To get decent results, it is usually suggested to get the stream that removes the creases quicker. So, it is better to pick the steam iron than the dry one if you are looking for that professional laundry touch

3. How to take care of iron?

To extend the life of iron avoid using tap water in steam iron instead use distilled water. Remember to unplug the iron and remove the water reservoir. Also, try to clean the iron frequently when needed.



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