Ironing Board Buying Guide: How To Choose An Ironing Board?

Ironing your clothes might take time and it’s hectic work. You will be required various ironing accessories to get the perfect accurate result. One of the most essential accessories is the Ironing board. Investing in a good quality ironing board can make so many differences. There is a wide range of ironing boards in the market today.

Whether you have a love-hate relationship with ironing or do it when you have to. There are specific things to note down before investing in one. A poor-quality ironing board that does not meet your needs can make the chore tiresome. With this guide, you can buy the one that will serve you well for years to come.

Ironing Board Buying Guide

One of the standard types of ironing boards that are used today is standing boards. People prefer this type of ironing board the most for its portability. Along with that, you don’t have to install and can be used instantly. They are also user-friendly and can be shifted from place to place when needed. They come with foldable legs and cotton-padded and iron holders.

How To Choose An Ironing Board?

Types Of Iron Boards

Today, you can get a wide range of models to choose from. So, it is hard to choose the right one. I have listed some types that you can buy;

1. Portable Ironing Board:-

Portable Ironing Board

These are the most common types and can be seen easily in all homes across India. One main benefit of these ironing boards is the legs that can be folded easily. You can also place them where ever you want and keep them rested after every use. These boards also come with height adjustments as per your ironing positions.

2. Wall-Mounted Ironing Board:-

Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

These boards are custom-installed or wall-mounted. It can be folded in and out when you want to use it. These boards are an excellent option if there is not enough space or if you live in a small apartment. However, because of the space constraint feature, people in spacious homes also prefer wall–mounted ironing boards.

3. Tabletop Ironing Board:-

Tabletop Ironing Board

You can’t neglect this; tabletop ironing boards are quite famous. It comes with short legs and can be placed anywhere. Even if your house is small you can go for this option.

4. Compact Ironing Board:-

Compact Ironing Board

As the name implies, these boards are smaller in size and do not have any adjustments. You can also place them on a standing board to raise the platform. They might also come in dual-sided in various sizes as well.

How To Choose The Right Iron Board

All ironing boards work similarly but it doesn’t mean they are made from the same material. There are a few different features that set them apart. Determining the feature will help you pick the right ironing board for you. Some features to consider are;

Surface Area:-

The surface of the ironing board must be about 14/48 inches. This will be perfect for most ironing tasks. If you iron bedding and curtains more then choose the one that has a large ironing surface. Large surface ironing boards can go as big as 18/56 inches. But, if you choose the large surface area boards, it can be a bit tough to store them in small apartments and homes.


Ironing boards are portable so is the weight. If you need to move it around your home, then make sure that you consider the one to do it with ease. Today, ironing boards are available from metal to plastic frames.

Weight Of The Ironing Board

Lightweight boards are portable but can be less durable. Heavier boards might be stable but you can’t move around frequently. The right ironing board should weigh sensible to ensure a strong build, but light enough for you to control with ease.


Height Of The Ironing Board

For tall and short peeps, the board you choose must have a proper working height. If your board is too tall, it can make ironing hard and impractical. And the low-height boards can hurt your back. Look for an ironing board with a maximum height of 37 inches. This height range is preferred for all, but if you are on the taller side, then consider the one that includes height adjustments.


One important feature to consider in ironing boards is portability. They should be easy to fold up, move from place to place, and pack away after use. Tabletop models are more common among apartment dwellers and people living in compact houses.

Standing ironing boards are also portable. They are easy to use, collapse, and move. Look for a board that is made of metal or plastic, if you move a lot.

Iron Rest Holder:-

Iron Rest Holder

Ironing boards come with iron rest holders or stands which helps in avoiding accidental burns and scorching of board fabric. If there is no such rest, then don’t consider buying. Most of the ironing boards come with such holders offering you a space to keep your hot iron so that it doesn’t tumble over when in place.


Remember to consider the frame of the board. Most of the ironing boards include lightweight frames so you can easily move from one place to another. But the frame must be super strong to hold in place while using it.

Mesh Bottom:-

There are ironing boards that have aluminum plates and mesh bottoms to retain heat and evaporate the steam. So, while choosing one, it is essential to ensure that it has mesh at the bottom.

Padding & Cover:-

Some boards also have padding or a cover or you might need to buy one and cover it separately. Either way, the padding must be thicker. They are usually made of cotton and felt. It might also come in a wide range of fabrics. Choose the one with cotton coated which can prevent your fabrics from sticking.

I have also listed the top picks. They are tried and tested by my team. You can check it here.

Special Features:-

There are ironing boards with special features like a retractable shoulder wing, a 360-degree rotation, etc. While these are designed only for high-end models, choose the one that suits your budget and expectations. Consider your expectations and the features that you require before settling into one.

Safety & Quality:-

The price difference in ironing boards is huge, and you can’t easily judge the quality of it. I suggest you look for safety and quality checks. Does the board have a locked facility to avoid collapsing of the board? Is the board stable? It must be stable enough to hold your laundry basket on it.


You can’t just buy an ironing board that costs you a fortune! Look for the features, compare, and buy the one that suits your budget. Also, the one you choose must be affordable. Don’t go for expensive pieces, if you don’t use them frequently. At the same time, don’t fall for the cheap ones too, as they might not be durable.

Which Ironing Board To Buy?

Since you need a flat and large surface area to iron your clothes. A lightweight and sturdy board will be essential for picking an excellent working iron. Today, iron boards are available in various types as I mentioned above. Consider the points before buying one.

With well-ironed clothes, you can create a good impression. But it can be quite challenging to make the clothes crease-free. To avoid such trouble, you can use ironing boards, which can reduce the process and stress.

Frequently Ask Question:-

1. How to choose an iron board?

Choose an ironing board that has a flexible height and an iron holder. Check the board cover and the surface. There are quite a lot of sizes. Check the post above to learn more.

2. Is an ironing board necessary?

Go for lightweight boards that have a sturdy frame and do not collapse or tip over. These can prevent you from falling over kids!

3. How often I should change my ironing board cover?

If the board cover looks crumbled, then it’s time to change it! Replace it with a new cover, they are easily available online.

4. Are all ironing boards the same?

Ironing boards come in various sizes and shapes and they can accommodate various types of fabrics. A wider board is easier to use when you have a large piece of clothing to iron.

5. Can I wash my ironing board cover in the machines?

Machine washing can be done for cotton or felt clothes. Make sure to use a mild detergent and hang to dry in a shaded place.

6. What to look for in an ironing board?

Look for a board that has a decent amount of padding, and the surface must be scorch-resistant. Also, look for the legs with anti-skid shoes for stability and durability.



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