Mixer Grinder Buying Guide: How To Choose Mixer Grinder

Indian kitchens are familiar with laborious food preparations, spices, and a plethora of other ingredients. We depend upon the grinding and mixing of these ingredients. Home cooking is not just making it tasty but also healthy brought from the kitchen to the table.

Usually, preparing Indian food is highly time-consuming and tiresome. With the perfect set of kitchen grinders, you could make it quicker and easier.

Setting up an Indian kitchen can be fun and a daunting task. You might spot new stuff for your kitchen in every store that you visit. On top of this, relatives and friends might also suggest you with their favorite kitchen appliances.

Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

You will eventually get to know what suits you and what you need as you start using your kitchen full-time.

The best way to get the right mixer grinder is to first make a list of them that you would like to have then after. I suggest you do this to make sure that you get the one that you need. And this is to avoid the purchase of counterfeit ones.

There is a huge range of products in the market to choose from. If you want to save money and buy the best products you are in the right place.

I have made a list of essential kitchen grinders that will help you out with the deciding factor.

Mixer Grinder Buying Guide (What To Look In Before Buying a Mixer Grinder)

Types Of Mixer Grinders

1. Hand Blender Grinder

Also called a hand mixer is one of the most essential kitchen grinders. They come in a wide range of types and styles. The key to getting the perfect hand blender is to find one that meets your basic needs and offers the level of functionality that you crave.

Hand Blender Grinder

These are great for quick whipping and blending. It is portable and includes powerful blades that can withstand high heat making it easier to whisk Indian soups and dals. You can also make baby food, smoothies, and curries like butter paneer and more.

What to look in for:-

  • Cost:- The hand blender you choose must suit your budget.
  • Speed:- They should be fast and not create noise. It must also include various speeds
  • Watts:- Look for a blender that has a wattage between 200 to 400w
  • Portable Size:- It must fit your kitchen cabinet and should be bulky.
  • Blades:- A detachable blade must be included in various sizes
  • Ease Of Use:- The design must not hinder the cleaning and washing. It should be comfortable to handle as well.

2. Food Processors Grinder

These are also electrical appliances that can cut your veggies and other ingredients with various types of spinning blades. They include a separate chute cover that can prevent your fingers from cutting. From chefs and home, experts prefer food processors to cut down their chopping time.

Food Processors Grinder

They offer ample power and speed but don’t expect precision. Some food processors also come with various blades and settings to adjust for specific food types.

What to look in for:-

  • Size:- The ideal size of food processors depends on the size of the family. Choose the one accordingly.
  • Number Of Blades:- Look for stainless steel blades and they must come in various shapes to chop, grind, and puree.
  • Body:- Choose the one that has a solid body with a wider base.
  • Controls:- A basic food processor might just have power ON and OFF alone. Look for the one that includes variable control.
  • The Bowl:- This is one of the most essential features to look for. The bowl must be made of Polycarbonate and durable. It must be easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

3. Mixer Grinder With Juicer

These kitchen grinders are devices that can perform the process of blending, juicing, and blending. The juicer mixer grinder includes extra functionality for juicing.

Mixer Grinder With Juicer

They come with a heavy-duty motor and three different mixer jars. With these grinders, you don’t have to add water or strain juices and soups. They don’t consume too much space and cleaning them is also easy. You can get them in a wide range of materials like stainless steel or polycarbonate.

They come with various jars for making various dishes. It includes a spice jar for grinding Indian spices and chutneys.

What to look in for:-

  • Motor:- Check for the motor and its wattage. It must be between 350w to 750w generally. It is important to know wattage as the performance is based on the efficiency of the motor.
  • Jars:- Juicer mixer jars must have at least 3 jars to do different things. However, in some models, you might get more. Look for the one that comes with a pulp collector.
  • Speed:- Another important thing to consider is the speed option. Slow speed is highly recommended for juicing so the extract is loaded with vitamins and tasty.
  • Quality:- Once you buy a kitchen grinder you must use them for several years. To make it a cost-effective buy, check for the quality, it must come with switch controls, break-free jars, sharp blades, and a super-strong motor.
  • Safety:- Features like a safety lock mechanism that helps in avoiding spillage of the content.

4. Wet Grinders

If you are a lover of South Indian dishes like Dosa and Idly, then you might have heard about wet grinders. They are grinding machines that are used to grind lentils, soaked rice, and grains into a wet paste or batter. They are suitable for large grinding.

Wet Grinders

These are some of the most important kitchen grinders in India, essentially in South India. They are also used for large-scale grinding in hotels and restaurants for grinding chutneys and masalas.

Wet grinders are designed with rolling stone and some might also include an atta kneader that can knead all sorts of dough. The two types of wet grinders are:-

  • Tilting:- They are solid and compact wet grinders with rolling stones that don’t make too much noise.
  • Tabletop:- Portable ones that can be used on top of a table, these are easy to maintain. Used for pulping veggies, making chutneys, and wet paste.

What to look in for:-

  • Drum Capacity:- Depending on the size of your family, choose the drum capacity. The wet grinder varies from 1.25 to 45 liters.
  • Motor: The greater the power, the faster the grinding process. Look for the one that suits your budget
  • Grinding Stones:- The range extends from one to three stones. For better efficiency and high performance, I suggest you go for the three-stoned grinders. Also, the two types of stone shapes available in India are cylindrical and conical.
  • Energy Efficiency:- Some come with extra power-saving features. Do read reviews or manuals before buying.
  • Extra Attachments:- You might also get extra attachments like atta kneader and coconut grater
  • Lid:- The wet grinder must have a transparent lid that allows you to check for the batter’s consistency.

5. Stand Mixer Grinder

A stand mixer is used for beating and kneading ingredients. If you are a baker or often bake at home then a stand mixer can come in handy. With a stand mixer, you can beat, knead, and mix all sorts of doughs. They come with various attachments for grating, chopping, etc.

Stand Mixer Grinders

You could also make pasta and minced meat with these. The attachment you choose depends on the model and the brand you choose. Some of the attachment that comes with the stand mixer is;

  • Flat Beater:- This is used for mixing all sorts of mixtures from butter, cheese, cakes, and cookies.
  • Dough Hook:- The two types of dough hooks the C- Shaped and Spiral dough hooks work perfectly for kneading doughs but work a bit differently way.
  • Balloon Whisk:- Suitable for beating eggs and baked goods for a lighter texture.
  • Flex Edge Beater: This looks similar to the flat beater but includes silicone or rubber sides. This helps in scraping the bowl manually.

Kitchen grinders are an essential part of our kitchen. With the list that I have mentioned above grinders, cooking can be your favorite part of your day. But there are specific things to note down before investing in any of these appliances.

While each includes a different feature, so does the brand. You might be puzzled by the brands and the features they provide. For me, it was a tough job to choose the right type of stand mixer. There are loads of brands to choose from.

What to look in for:-

  • Weight & Size:- Stick to the lighter ones and that’s easy to hold. Consider the size of your kitchen. There are various sizes available on the market. The prices might go up as the size of the stand mixer gets bigger.
  • Easy To Clean:- Depending on the type of the mixer. Some attachments need to be washed by hand which also includes the mixing bowls and attachments. So, look for the one that comes with a basic design.
  • Power:- Invest in a high wattage for better functionality
  • Speed Settings:- Look for several speeds from three to twelve different options.

Frequently Ask Question:-

1. How to maintain a wet grinder?

After each use turn the drum upside down and keep it dry. Brush and clean the inaccessible places and wipe the motor with a cotton cloth. Clean the stone well and allow it to dry.

2. Why invest in a food processor?

Food processors might be a bit bulky and can consume more counter space. If you are a busy mom or an office goer then I would highly suggest you buy a food processor.

3. How long does a mixer grinder last?

These are highly durable and might last for up to 8 to 10 years depending on the usage.

4. How to clean the juicer after each use?

After every use clean the juice. Use a fine-toothed brush to take out the pulp particles. Cleaning the juice will give you faithful service.



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