Steam Iron vs Dry Iron: Which One Is Best For Your Home?

Ironing clothes is one of the most wearisome of all household chores. It might be one of those chores you probably want to keep away from. Luckily, the latest iron brands have all the technology to make this task more efficient and brisk. All you have to do is to find the perfect one that can make the chore stress-free and easier. 

Difference Between Steam Iron or Dry Iron

Are irons important to homes?

These compact home appliances are very essential for homes and can offer you that dry cleaning shine and quality at home. Ironing your clothes not only clears the creases but also that sharp new look.

Difference Between Steam Iron and Dry Iron

Difference between steam iron vs dry iron

Types of Irons available in India

1. Dry Iron

Dry Iron India

These are old-fashioned and classic ones and easily available. You don’t have to adjust the temperature frequently depending on the fabric type. It is light in weight and user-friendly. It features a non-stick soleplate for better gliding across fabrics. Also makes ironing a breeze. Many of these irons come with button grooves to speed up the process. Dry iron is easy to set up and very compact as well. 

Why You Like Dry Iron

  • Great for summers and works great on delicate fabrics like wool, silk, etc
  • Easy to clean 
  • Comes with one heat setting

Why You Dislike Dry Iron

  • Not suitable for stubborn wrinkles 
  • No extra feature

How to clean a dry Iron?

If your dry iron is dirty or scorched then it is an unpleasant problem. You might burn your clothes when the bottom of the dry iron is not cleaned well. Unlike 

You can use the following simple steps for cleaning a dry iron soleplate; 

  • Baking soda:- Make a thick paste and apply it to the soleplate. Scrub gently. 
  • Dishwashing detergent:- If you don’t wish to risk using baking soda or any other substance. Try using some dishwashing liquid in a bowl of warm water. Soak a towel and place it on the soleplate for some time. Now wipe the metal with a scrub.  

2. Steam Iron

The steam iron on the other hand is quite popular in India and it comes with an ionic deep steam action. It can remove creases easily from cotton and linen fabrics. They emit steam for a specific time frame into creaks and hard-to-reach spots. Hence you get smoother and wrinkle-free clothes. They also include an extra-long cord, water level indicator, and water inlets. 

Steam Iron India

Steam irons are highly convenient and safe to use. However, you need to choose the one according to your needs and budget. We also have a dedicated blog post on how to choose the best iron for home in India. 

Why You Like Steam Iron

  • Safe to use:- Comes with auto shut–off feature
  • Ironing vertically:- Super convenient for long and thick fabrics like curtains. 
  • Produces steam:- Crisp clothes at home! Generate powerful steam giving that perfect professional look.

Why You Dislike Steam Iron

  • Not for all fabrics:- Steam iron might not be great for certain fabrics like wool and satin. 
  • Constant water refilling:- Look for a steam iron with large water tanks or you might need to refill it frequently.

How To Clean A Steam Iron At Home?

If you feel that your steam iron refuses to work like a champ, then it’s time to clean that burned soleplate. 

Note:- Always check the manual before trying any DIY for cleaning your steam iron at home.

  • Use an unused dryer sheet 
  • Empty the water from the tub 
  • Now power on the iron and set it to the highest setting. You might notice smoke getting stuck because of the burnt residue. 
  • Lay a towel or a paper towel on the ironing board
  • Use the dryer sheet on the top of the soleplate
  • Now start ironing the dryer sheet for about thirty seconds to the towel. This will help you to get the gunk out. 

Steam Iron or Dry Iron What to choose?

Choosing between the right iron can be compelling, considering the various models available today. You usually get to see two types of iron in the market; steam and dry iron. Both of these have various functions and features. If you are puzzled about choosing the right one, this walkthrough guide explains the contrasts of both. 

FeaturesSteam IronDry Iron
Soleplate Includes steaming vents. Come with ceramic or stainless-steel soleplate and vents make sure heat distribution.Comes with a flat and smooth soleplate. Dry irons come with a non-stick soleplate and can also get heated up swiftly
Cord LengthComes in various cord lengths such as 360-degree movement. It offers flexibility and some also include retractable cords.Includes steaming vents. Come with ceramic or stainless-steel soleplate and vents make ensure heat distribution.
DesignIncludes a water tub or a reservoir. Produces steam through the vents on the soleplates Does not include a water tub and does not provide the streaming feature.
Weight and SizeNot as friendly and weighs heavier than the dry ironsDoes not offer 360-degree movement but comes in various cord lengths. Do check for that before buying. 
VersatilitySo versatile and can also be used as a dry iron. You can also iron it vertically but not suitable for all fabricsTravel-friendly and lightweight.
SettingsBasic iron and has limited settings. Not many setting options are included besides temperature control.Basic iron and has limited settings. No many setting options are included besides temperature control.
Price These are a bit expensiveBudget-friendly
ComplexityNot suitable for beginners due to various settingsEasy to use. 

Choosing The Right Iron For Your Home

Ironing clothes has now become a necessity and a basic home appliance. Having an effective one can make your job quicker and hassle-free. If you are a beginner, dry irons are an excellent choice. Both steam and dry iron have pros and cons. Look for versatility and features while buying the right type of iron. Both can remove stubborn creases and wrinkles, pick the one that suits your budget and is convenient. 

Steam Iron vs Dry Iron Fabric Table

We have also made this table to guide you better on what type of iron to use on various fabrics.

Fabrics like Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, and Acetate are suitable for both steam and dry iron use.

NOTE:- Make sure to check your garment label before ironing. Each garment has special care so do extra research.

How To Use Steam Iron As A Dry Iron

We now know that steam iron is highly user–friendly and versatile. These can also be used as a dry iron. To use steam iron as a dry iron you need to empty the water tab and turn off the steam function. You can do this for fabrics like rayon, silk, and polyester.

7 Best Fun Facts About Iron

  • Metal pans filled with water are used to press and smoothen clothes
  • Iron made of glass called Somglatter is used by the Vikings from Scandinavia. 
  • In the 15th century, an improvised version of the iron was introduced.
  • In the 80’s Americans used gas iron with separate pipeline
  • It is estimated, that 14% of men, 45% of women, and 14% of both prefer to iron.
  • More than 64% of people have burnt their clothing when ironing.
  • The 1st extreme ironing world championship took place in 2002.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. Can a steam iron shrink your clothes?

Sometimes your clothes might shrink on any fabric that cannot be used with steam. Fabrics like satin, polyester, wool, etc are not suitable for steam ironing.

2. Which soleplate coating is the right choice for your home?

There are various kinds of soleplate coatings for iron. These include stainless steel, ceramic, and titanium.

Stainless steel is one of the most common ones and they are highly heat–resistant. Great for everyday use, but you have to be a bit careful while using it as it might burn or leave marks on clothes easily.

Ceramic coating soleplates are also great and can avoid static at high heat. Titanium coating on the other hand is suitable for fast ironing. You can get even heating and it can resist materials from sticking to it.

Each coating is excellent for various things, so you need to consider your personal choice before choosing. For a general guide, you can use stainless steel iron for fabrics like linen, silk, cotton, etc. Ceramic coating is preferred for synthetic fabrics like spandex. Titanium is suitable for all types of fabrics and suitable for frequent users.

3. Can water be left in a steam iron?

Use distilled water if you wish to leave it in a steam iron. Hard water is not recommended as it might damage your iron. However, it is best to empty it after every use. This way the water will not leave residue in the tank.

4. How to remove scale build-ups in a steam iron?

Over time you might see scale build-up and it’s fine. Not to worry just follow these simple steps.

  • Use limescale removed by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar.
  • Now pour the solution onto a wet cloth. Make sure to use the lint-free one
  • Wipe the soleplate
  • Now will the water tub ¾ of the solution
  • Switch on the steam button. This allows the solutions to get through the steam vents to self-clean.
  • Now refill it with clean water
  • Press the steam button now

5. Is a steamer better than a dry iron?

Steamers are usually faster than dry irons. They come with 360-degree chords so you don’t have to keep re-positioning them as you work.

6. How long does an iron last?

Usually, iron comes with a year warranty. When you start to see them die just buy a new one. They are designed to last for more than ten or twenty years.



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